Red screening

It rains heavily in Montevideo on a Sunday in 1993.
A particularly suspicious man enters the last screening of a horror film at a downtown cinema. The room, which is not very crowded due to the storm outside, slowly starts to get stained with blood.

Ana, the projectionist’s daughter, who has taken her father’s place just for the night, is in charge of the show. In the darkness of the cinema, the spectators fall one by one into the hands of the killer. From the projection room, Ana begins to notice that something strange is happening. A teenager and a boy who slipped into the room meet Ana as they try to escape. Together they must face this sadistic and ruthless killer, to save their lives and avoid a massacre in the matinee.

Al morir la matinee

Genre Horror / slasher / Suspense / Gore
Language Spanish
Cinema format 4K Color 2:35:1
Duration 88 minutes
Countries Uruguay / Argentina
Production company Uruguay Yukoh Films / La Gota Cine / Alina Kaplan
Production company Argentina Pensa & Rocca Producciones
Asociated producer RBS
Director Maxi Contenti
Executive production Lucía Gaviglio / Alina Kaplan
Script Manuel Facal
Author and script collaboration Maxi Contenti
Director of photography Benjamín Silva
Art direction Cristina Nigro
Costume design Dominique Souberbielle
FX Makeup design Christian Gruaz
Sound director Maximiliano Gorriti
Direct sound and post Santiago Carámbula
Original music Hernán González
Film editor Santiago Bednarik
Still photography Rodrigo Hernández
Graphic design and titles venado

Al morir la matinee
Al morir la matinee

Maximiliano Contenti


Begins to be interested in cinema in a self-taught way. From the age of 13 he takes many courses in different areas of filmmaking and animation. He graduates from the ECU (spanish for Uruguayan Film School) and participates with a scholarship in several intensive workshops, such as the Berlinale Talent Campus in Germany, the Film Program of the Cannes Festival in France and the Binger Filmlab in Holland. He has made numerous short films, and an independent feature film Muñeco Viviente V (Puppet Pal V) selected and awarded at international festivals.
In 2008 he exhibited several of his audiovisual works individually at the National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV). He works as a director in advertising and television for several production companies. (Salado unltd. Ska Films). In 2013 releases the documentary feature Hélices (Blades) (Best Uruguayan Documentary AtlanticDoc 2013). He is the editor of the film Relocos y Repasados ( High Five, 2013). and the documentary film Teros - Sueño Mundial (2015). In 2013 he founded his production company Yukoh Films.
Currently developing Tomte, his next fantastic genre film. He is also producing the musical documentary HotClub de Montevideo (FONA 2018 award).
Al morir la matinee

Ana Luciana Grasso
Tomás Franco Durán
Ángela Julieta Spinelli
Esteban (Tea) Bruno Salvatti
Goni Vladimir Knazevs
Maite (Brooke Shields) Daiana Carigi
Gabriela Patricia Porzio
Horacio Emanuel Sobré
Mauricio Pedro Duarte
María Julia Yuly Aramburu
Hugo Hugo Blandamuro
Vilardebó Julio Troisi
Viejo Juan Carlos Lema
Diego Vicente Varela

Al morir la matinee

Al morir la matinee
Poster design venado
Al morir la matinee